1. Rachel Maddow and her gun violence prevention rant. Painful but powerful.

    Rachel Maddow describes the details of the shooter’s movements at Sandy Hook Elementary School:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeY27YgAnxY


  2. CT Against Gun Violence Calls on Speaker Sharkey to Break Deadlock on Governor’s Gun Safety Proposals

    Dear Editorial Board:  On behalf of CT Against Gun Violence, I am writing to urge you to call on Speaker J. Brendan Sharkey to join Senate President Pro Tempore Donald Williams to bring comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation to the General Assembly for a vote before March 14th, the three-month anniversary of the Newtown tragedy


    Governor Malloy has put forth a bold proposal on gun violence prevention. Senate President Donald Williams has called for a vote of the full membership of the General Assembly on nothing less than Governor Malloy’s proposal for a comprehensive package of gun violence prevention measures. Senator Williams indicated on Thursday that the wait has lasted long enough for the task force on gun safety to act and it is time to move forward to a vote on the Governor’s package. We urge House Speaker Sharkey to join with Senator Williams to break the deadlock.


    The National Rifle Association is calling for delay after delay in the hope that the “Newtown effect” will diminish.  Senator Williams has acted boldly in trying to move the Gun Safety task force to take action.  House Speaker Sharkey has been patient in trying to reach a consensus with the task force, but it is apparent that a consensus on anything other than token gun prevention measures cannot be reached.


    Too much time has passed.  The three-month anniversary of the Newtown incident is coming up on March 14.  That date should be an absolute deadline for action in the form of a floor vote of the full membership on the Governor’s proposals.


    Other states are moving forward with legislation, with Maryland passing a comprehensive bill out of their Senate this week. A legislature meeting less than 40 miles from Newtown can do nothing less.






    Ron Pinciaro,

    Executive Director




  3. MARCH FOR CHANGE - next steps meeting. please come.

    MARCH FOR CHANGE and CAGV - what’s next meeting. March 13th at 7 30pm (Westport Library) or March 15th at 10 00am in (Christ & Holy Trinity Church in Westport)

    PLEASE RSVPhttp://tinyurl.com/b76z872 


  4. TEAM GREEN should please spring into action in MANCHESTER.


  5. The simple act of one phone call has the power to effect change.

    THIS IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO TO STAY ENGAGED. While walking around my house making beds and emptying trash, I made some calls. I think you should, too. 

    Speaker Rep. Brendan Sharkey 203-281-4647
    Minority Leader Rep. Larry Cafero 203-854-6769
    Majority Leader Rep. Joe Aresimowicz 860-371-6887
    President of the Senate Don Williams 860-240-8634
    Majority Leader of the Senate Martin Looney 860-240-8629
    Tell them we are waiting for their vote on legislation that will ban assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines.


    You may have to try a few times before getting though; keep calling.  Be respectful, but firm.  You have the right to be heard and if enough of us call, they will listen.


  6. We are the passion behind the politics!

    We always said we didn’t care how or why this got done, or who came up with the laws, we just wanted change. NOW.  Maybe the time has come?!





  8. March for Change - this is YOU Connecticut!



    Statement from house Republican Leader Larry Cafero on the March for Change Rally: 

    “I was invited to speak at the March for Change event a few weeks back, as were all of the leaders.  I was under the impression that this was a general rally that was sending a message to Connecticut by standing up against gun violence.  I am, as I hope we all are, against gun violence.  I have since learned that the event is not what I thought it was and this group has a very specific agenda that was not represented to me.  As a leader of a caucus and a co-chairman of the task force I feel it is inappropriate to attend any rally that is promoting a specific legislative agenda which is why I have not participated in NRA rallies. I am taking in as much information as is available to me and will be working with my colleagues to produce rational solutions.   That said, I have informed the organizers that I will not be participating for the very reasons I indicated above.” 


  10. THE MARCH FOR CHANGE is happening this THURSDAY.

    "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."  We are fierce and we are determined and the MARCH FOR CHANGE is happening on Thursday. Weather report be damned!  The NRA can’t stop us neither will some silly snow.